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Re-Discover Your Professional Life While Staying at Home with Your Baby | Work from Home Jobs | Blogging

How I discovered blogging and turned it into business. How to find a way to bring back your professional life while staying at home with your baby. Work from home jobs.

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Being a mom is totally difficult. I cannot imagine how people used to do this back in the day without the modern day medicine, psychology, and quality of life. Maybe I am bias, but just based on what we know from history, there really was no accurate knowledge of what a woman went through both physically and mentally during and after childbirth. In short, we women were and still are superheroes. 

It was difficult for me to just put my life on complete hold when my precious baby was born. I am naturally a type A kind of person. I like to be active. I like to travel and see things. I like my business life that I used to have. But now that my baby was born I had to figure out a whole bunch of things that I personally never had to deal with before. That included what to do with myself and my talents while staying at home with my baby. 

I knew I wanted to Stay Home with My Baby

I always knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids. I used to watch moms who home taught their kids and wonder how they found time for themselves. Then I met a woman who truly has inspired me. She was a type A kind a person, just like me. She loved her business life that she used to have before she had a baby. Since her girl was born she had decided to stay at home and home school. Yet she did not give up on herself in her personal life and on her business aspirations. 

She found a way to make a multi-million dollar company using her unique skills and talents. Now, she has a company that helps people across the globe and she does it all from home. Granted, now that her girl is older she can also do more outside, but when she first started, it was all a small business from home. I will keep her identity secret. I bet she would not like me to brag about her. But she has truly inspired me.

I Got Inspired and Creative

That is what led me to think deeply about what I can do for myself, using my talents, to bring some cash into our household, and at the same time feel like I am not putting my business life and personal life on hold. 

Below I will take you though my journey on how I discovered what I wanted to do while also choosing to stay at home with my baby. I will also list other legitimate work from home jobs below.

This is by no means meant to be anything other than just me sharing my personal experience of what worked for me. I hope to inspire you to find what you can do for your business life with this post. 

Think about what you used to like to do before your baby was born

For me, it was a little difficult because I used to work in corporate America. I had thought long and hard about what I can do to transfer my skills and talents into a home environment but often came up short because I lacked either this or that program or software, or some other technical capability in order to do something even remotely similar to my job before baby. 

Then I started thinking about what it is that I liked about the job I had. Was there something that I could take out from the work that I used to do, modify it to fit my new schedule and figure out a way to do it from home? This took some time – this sounds easier than it really is – but in the end, after I broke down what I used to do day by day at work, looking at parts that I liked and shoving aside parts that I did not like, I was able to see a pattern. The pattern of what I liked to do at my job that I could try to replicate from home. 

Try to modify what you used to do and do it from home

For me, without going into personal details, it came down to creative outlets. I started to paint more. I started to write books and sell them. It was very special to see my book published and receive the copyright paperwork from the copyright agency. Then, I felt it wasn’t enough. There was more that I used to do. I used to create content. So this idea of creating a blog came to me. 

I welcome you to start this blogging journey with me. I have done a lot of research on the topic, made errors and gained knowledge, and want to share with you the ways you can make blogging successful for yourself, too. 

In Addition...

If you like business, blogging is business. If you like creativity, creating content is a way of expressing your artistic side. If you like to write, you have to be able to figure out how to write your posts, right? Of course, this does not apply to every job out there. If you were a dentist, it would be difficult – but I am sure that perhaps you could open your own practice in time when the baby is older. Read my blogging for moms post here to learn more. 

Just don’t give up on whatever you used to do and like to do now that the precious little bundle of love and hard work is here. It will get better. I am still working through that part myself. But it has got to get better. Everyone says that it does. Right now, my little one is still not sleeping though the night and I was sure that by six months of age he would be sleeping. Alas, not yet. And this shall pass, too. 

Try a few things out

Once I figured out that blogging was one of the best ways for me to utilize my creative talents while also satisfying my business streak, I decided to figure out a schedule and topic I wanted to blog about. 

It had to be something that I could do all day without feeling overwhelmed. There is enough stress being a mom already. It had to be something I could talk about all day every day. What was there in my life that I knew very well and could share with the world to help other women? – Motherhood. Being a first time mom. Sharing with other women my journey and helping them with things I am great at such as taking care of myself and finding ways to enjoy motherhood and my new life. 

Once you give yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities, you truly open the doors to discovering your own way of satisfying your business streak. If you were a financial adviser, what about starting a blog that helps people to do better with their finances? If you were a travel agent, what about starting a blog that helps people find great travel deals and sharing with them a way to a better vacation? What about starting professional courses from home for the niche that you used to work in? 

Where to Start?

There are countless ways to go about trying to figure out what to do that brings you money while staying at home. These ones below are the ones that have helped me and I think are good starting points.

1. If you decide to blog, I recommend you read this post I made on how to start blogging for moms here.

2. If you have no idea where to start, I highly recommend contacting a career artisan who will coach and guide you through the journey to figuring out how to get your business life back while staying at home.

Work-From-Home Jobs

If you don’t want to blog and you don’t want to mess with starting the process of going through a career artisan and just want to find a job that you can do from home, consider these ones below. There are many scams out there, so be careful when you are researching work from home. These below are legitimate ways that you can make money from home while staying with your baby. 

1. Transcriptionist. If you like to type and are good at typing, you can make good to great money doing transcriptions for medical and/or legal fields. These jobs are great if you love having some quiet time to yourself typing while also being paid for it. You could get into other fields that are more specialized, but you might have to get special training and or certification for it. 

NOTE: Be very careful of spammers. Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay them in order for you to be able to start working for them. 

Here are some legitimate companies you can look into: 

Don't Stop to Be Creative

2. Tutor or Teacher This one is not for everyone since you just might not have time to welcome people into your home while your baby is small and crying. However, if you are a teacher, this just might be for you. 

3. Writer or Editor If you love to write, how about freelancing? Editing is another option that you can easily do from home. Depending on your skills and experience, these can pay quite well. 

4. Website Building Services If you like to work with websites and content, this is a great way to get your professional life back while at the same time being able to do it from home. 

5. Online Store I recommend Shopify if you would like to have a hassle free online store. There, you can sell digital products, or actual products. Best part is that they already have all the legal documentations fixed up for your store so you don’t have to wreck your brain trying to figure out how to put together legal documents for your store to protect yourself. 

Another great feature about Shopify is that you don’t have to have the stock at home. They store things for you. If you sell digital items, they also have that covered for you. 

Check out Shopify here to learn more about how to start your online store business with them. 

Don't Be Afraid

If you have decided to stay at home with your baby while temporarily sacrificing your professional life, I salute you. It is a hard decision, but if you have the luxury to do so, try to take comfort knowing that you are one of the few moms out there who can afford the luxury of doing so. I know many moms who wish they could stay at home with their baby, but cannot do so for various reasons. 

I am not saying this to make you feel ashamed or guilty for wanting your professional life back. I know what that is like. It is hard for me to give up my professional life. I love corporate America. But I am also very happy that I have discovered blogging and other means for me to keep my professinal life alive and striving. 

Don’t give up on your dreams. And don’t be afraid to try and take control of your professional life back. It will be worth it. 

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