the sorrel soup

The Sorrel Soup

Learn how to make this exquisite Eastern European gourmet soup. The Sorrel Soup recipe. Healthy and easy foods.


This is my sorrel plant. It is back from the basement into our living room now that the Spring season is slowly creeping up on us. It will regrow to be a huge bushy-like plant. This is a French variety, I believe, but it doesn’t matter what kind of sorrel you get. 

IMPORTANT: Do not substitute sorrel with spinach. I hear many people say you can do that, and it is not true. I even tried it myself and debunked the hypothesis that it is a good substitute. You don’t get the same flavor at all. It is a totally different soup when you make it with spinach instead of the sorrel. Just use sorrel. 

My family loves unique foods and unforgettable wonderful memories. I introduced my husband to this soup one day and he was surprised how much he enjoyed it. The green soup is very popular in Eastern Europe, but unfortunately its main ingredient, sorrel, is only now beginning to make appearance in the US. It is widely used throughout the Eastern and Western European countries. 

It took me a while to be able to find this jewel of a plant. In the end, I stumbled upon it at a farmer’s market and bought the plant which I still have growing in our house. That was a few years back. This sturdy plant is very low maintenance and is a quite prolific grower. The more you pluck it the better it grows. It does great in a container and both indoors and outdoors. 

To Add...

HINT: Try to find this plant. It is a great website and I’ve been able to find plants there that are otherwise unavailable anywhere. Also, try going to your local farmer’s market. You might be surprised, but this plant is widely known among farmers for its healthy qualities and delicious lemony taste. 

If you would like to broaden your healthy recipes list with a flavorful, sweet and sour soup, then this recipe is for you. All the recipes I recommend are those that I have personally tried and know. For anyone who is a skeptic out there – give it a shot and you will discover a whole new world of what healthy means. This is truly one of those dishes that is actually tasty while packing all those healthy greens you never imagined enjoying. 

Here is how to make this incredible soup.


1. Water –  0.5 gallons

NOTE: the more water, the more sorrel you need.

2. Fresh Sorrel Leaves –  4 or 5 oz

3. Chicken Thighs – ~ 1 lb. 

4. White Onion – 1 piece

5. Carrots – 1 piece 

6. Bay Leaves – 3 or 4 medium to large leaves

7. Pepper Corns – 5 little pepper corns

8. Potatoes – 2 large ones or a few smaller ones

9. Hard Boiled Eggs – a half of an egg per serving bowl

10. Olive Oil/your cooking oil – 1 or 2 tb.sp.

11. Sour Cream – 1 tb.sp. per serving bowl

12. Parsley or Dill – optional

13. Salt/Pepper to taste


As always, I will show you how to make life easier for yourself without building up a wall of dishes and other cooking utensils for you to wash later on. 

I love to cook but I also hate doing the dishes. Here is the easy way to prep everything without having a lot of washing to do afterwards. 

0. Boil a few eggs. You will need a half of a hard boiled egg per serving bowl.

1. In a large pot, pour water, add chicken, pepper corns, bay leaves, a pinch of salt. Mix and get to a boil. Lower the temperature and cook until chicken is done. 

2. While the chicken is cooking, let’s prepare the veggies. Peel the potatoes, chop them up and throw into the soup. 

Next Steps...

3. In a frying pan, heat up a table spoon or two of olive oil, or canola oil. Peel and wash the carrot. Either slice it finely or cut it up however you like it. It is better to chop it really fine. Throw it into the frying pan to simmer. 

4. Peel and chop up the white onion and throw it into the frying pan where you have the carrot frying. Add a pinch of salt and ground pepper, mix the onion with the carrot and let it fry until the carrot and onion look soft and somewhat cooked, around 3 minutes. 

5. Add the fried onion and carrot mixture into the soup pot. Mix the soup and let it simmer. 

6. Prepare the sorrel leaves. Wash the leaves and cut off the stems. To make it easier and faster, just pluck the stems off with your fingers from each leaf. Or, to make it even easier, just align the leaves and chop off the stems from all of them at once. 

And an Important Note:

Be very careful to make sure that you get rid of the entire stem from each leaf because the stems turn into little threads when cooked and you don’t want that. 

Let's Continue...

7. Cut the sorrel leaves into large square chunks. 

8. Add the chopped up sorrel leaves into the soup once chicken is done. 

9. Mix the soup and turn the heat off. 

10. Let the soup stand covered for 10-15 minutes.

11. While the soup is sitting, cut in half a hard boiled egg.

12. Pour the soup into the bowl. 

13. Add a half of the hard boiled egg yolk up. 

14. Add a table spoon of sour cream. 

15. Add a few parsley leaves or chopped dill and you are done!

Serve the soup hot and enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts on how your sorrel soup came out and add pictures! I would love to see it and hear from you!

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