stretch marks treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment

Learn how to treat stretch marks that appear either during or after pregnancy. Stretch marks treatment. Stretch marks creams that worked for me.

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This topic is one of those that I wish we didn’t have to discuss. Alas, it is one of those that we need to address. No matter how much we try not to think about it, or how much we try to ignore it, the simple truth of the matter is that most of the women who go through pregnancy end up with stretch marks. 

Some of us have them on the tummy, thighs, hips, calves, behind the knees. There are no limits to where the stretch marks can appear. There are women who are lucky and they end up with just a few of them. Others are not so lucky and have a bunch to come to terms with.

So, what can you do when you realize there is no way to run away from having stretch marks? Which creams do you use? How do you even begin to figure out where to start looking for a solution? And is there a way to find one that will actually work? 

My Stretch Mark Story

I am one of  those women who never thought I would even have to worry about dealing with stretch marks. My skin is very elastic and I figured it will just not happen to me. Well, I was wrong. I worked hard on not gaining too much weight during my pregnancy. I ate well, and exercised all the way until my false labor pains didn’t let me anymore (which was around 38 weeks). 

My stretch marks appeared around weeks 28-30 when I discovered a few light purple streak marks across my belly. At first, I thought I had smeared some ink on myself. Then I realized I was nowhere near any ink. Plus, the marks were very faint and not at all bright in color like a fountain ink pen marks would be. Don’t ask me why I thought of it but I did. Talk about pregnancy affecting one’s brain. 

For me, the stretch marks are like red and purple blood veins going all around specific areas of my body

Then I noticed them in other places… Needless to say, I was stunned and very emotionally unprepared to deal with my body being scarred. The fact that they seemed to grow on me like mushrooms in a wet forest didn’t help me feel any better. They started appearing on my thighs and hips and were very bright in color like red and purple spider web going around here and there on my body without my permission. It was a hard time. Every pregnancy is, unfortunately. 

What I Did When I Discovered My Stretch Marks

Once I figured out that I had to deal with stretch marks, the first question on my mind was how. Is there a way to treat stretch marks? How can I get rid of my stretch marks? 

I have been blessed with the constant guidance and help of a very experienced and knowledgeable skin care professional who has saved my skin many times from many catastrophes. However, more on that topic later on in a different post. 

She told me that unfortunately there is no way to absolutely remove the stretch marks now that they have appeared on my body. They are like scars. You can’t get rid of them unless you go through a plastic surgeon and even then the results are not always guaranteed. 

Luckily for all women kind, there is a solution to help you make your stretch marks lighter in color and thinner so that eventually with continuous treatment you can minimize their appearance. 

The Stretch Marks Treatment that Worked for Me

My cosmetologist gave me hope. She said that if I followed this procedure morning and evening every day for around 8 weeks, then I would see definite results. Alas, there will be no way of getting rid of the stretch marks entirely, but that after using these creams they will be significantly reduced in coloration and size. 

I have to say that I wasn’t crazy about putting myself through eight weeks of constant ‘treatment’ but I figured, hey, I still shower so let’s just think about it as if it were a part of my daily getting ready routine, like brushing the teeth.

The key here is consistency and knowing what to use and how to use it

Products and Order of Application

Below I will show the products I use for my stretch marks and the order in which my beauty adviser told me to apply them. She also told me to do this twice a day every day for at least 8 weeks in order to see serious and significant results. I followed her orders exactly and I have to admit it really did help. I hope it helps you as much as it did me. It should since these are exactly the right products to use to help treat stretch marks. 

Step One

According to the instructions from my beauty adviser who is a licensed cosmetologist with over 50 years of hands on practice, I used this Oxygenating Body Scrub twice a day, morning and evening in the showers, applying it only to the affected areas. 

What that does is hydrates the skin (as the name suggests, oxygenating) and prepares it to be more accepting of treatment. 

In the showers, morning and evening, apply just a tiny drop of this scrub onto the affected areas. Rub it on there firmly but gently for about 1 – 3 minutes and rinse. 

Pat dry when you get out of the shower. 

Get this Oxygenating Body Scrub here from the official Janssen Cosmetics store. 

Step Two

The second step you do morning and evening after the Oxygenating Body Scrub in the shower is use this Stretch Mark Cream. Make sure you pat dry your skin when you get out of the shower and not rub the towel all over yourself. This helps your skin to retain moisture more while also preventing your skin from being irritated by the towel rubbing on you. 

TIP: Make sure you pat dry your skin when you get out of the shower. Do not rub your towel over your skin. Pat drying helps your skin to retain moisture and not become irritated from the towel rubbing on your skin. 

Get yours here from the official Janssen Cosmetics store. 

How the Scrub and the Cream Felt on My Body

The Oxygenating Body Scrub made my skin feel free and my pores really clean. There was a rejuvenating feeling afterwards that is hard to describe. It made me feel as if my skin was much more receptive of what was next to come. It felt as if it were breathing better.

The Stretch Mark Cream is nice and thick. It is not sticky and does not leave that nasty feeling on your body or on your hands that you usually get after using a rich cream. It is also very mild in its fragrance and does not overpower your senses. It feels like a daily moisturizing cream, only for your stretch marks. 

My Results After Eight Weeks of Treatment

I have to admit, dealing with those stretch marks morning and evening day in and day out for eight weeks was not easy for me. I felt like I was going through treatment which I was. I really enjoyed the sensations that these products offered me while I used them. 

When I started this routine, I tried hard to keep my expectations low and not look for fast results. After all, it was a treatment for scars – stretch marks are like scars  on your body – it would take time. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast it kicked in. In about a week, I was able to see obvious results. The bright red and purple lines became significantly lighter in coloration. The ridges didn’t seem to stand up so high. 

By the end of my eight weeks, I was very satisfied with the results. The redness and purple-ness were gone. The ‘scars’ were smaller in their appearance. They are still there, but they are much less like valleys and more like fine cut marks. They don’t bother me at all when they are like this. And with continued use, they are getting even more under control. 

Follow Up Care After the Eight Weeks Are Over

My dearest cosmetologist also told me that if I continue to use these two products after the vigorous eight weeks treatment plan then I will also be able to maintain the stretch marks and keep them at their minimum in terms of appearance. 

I followed her advice and I still use these creams about once or twice a month just to make sure that my stretch marks don’t think I’ve forgotten about keeping them under control.

I hope these work for you as well as they did for me. 

Let me know your experiences with stretch marks during and after pregnancy in the comments box below. I love to hear from you!

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