15 pregnancy must-haves

15 Pregnancy Must-Haves

15 Pregnancy Must-Haves. Best pregnancy clothes and items to help you through pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is one of the most unique experiences a woman can go through in her life. It is also one of the most uncomfortable and sometimes painful experiences. Clothes don’t fit anymore; shoes seem to have shrunk; breasts become engorged to the point of even stretchy shirts feeling tight. Then there is the growing tummy that gets heavier and heavier until our backs start feeling the weight and begin to hurt. And that is just the beginning of it all. 

Here are a few products that have helped me to get through my pregnancy with minimal discomforts possible. I will go over from head to toe and describe the different things that made a big difference for me. 

I hope these will help you, too. Hang on in there, it will be all worth it when you finally get to see that baby and hold him in your arms. 


Maternity Belt

This particular maternity belt is the one that I used and it was a life saver. It is also a number one bestseller on Amazon. This one offers lower back and pelvic support while also supporting your growing tummy. The color is nude which is perfect for making it blend under your clothes without it showing.

I wore it under my pants and not above them when I wanted to wear a tight shirt. This way it didn’t show as much. It is actually pretty flexible and comfortable. 

At first, I was worried that it would be rough and uncomfortable because the picture does look like it is massive. Nope. It is really soft without any hard edges. There isn’t any part of this belt that caused me any itchiness or the feeling of discomfort after wearing it all day every day. 

This belt is really soft and does not itch or irritate your skin whether you wear it under your clothes or on top of them

This belt is really perfect in helping your growing belly feel supported. I started wearing it at 5 months. After I put it on I could really feel the difference, especially when I took it off and felt my tummy just drop from the weight. 

My back had started to bother me at about 4 months. Then my mom also told me that not having a support for the tummy will increase my chances of getting stretch marks. 

I never thought about it, but it makes total sense. You have a growing weight in front of you that you carry nonstop for nine months. That will definitely increase your chances of stretching your skin if there is nothing that holds it back up. 

I really recommend this belt. It is a lifesaver. 

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PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

I absolutely loved this pillow. Once my tummy started showing and body aches kicked in, this pillow was another thing that saved me and offered me comfort. I had a hard time sleeping while pregnant. 

My body ached all over. My breasts were huge and painful. My tummy felt like someone put a rock on it and it pressed heavily against the bed. Then there was the issue of the knees hurting if I just lied down without something in between them for support. 

Wrapping myself in pillows didn’t help. The pillows just kept sliding out every time I had an itch or moved even slightly. I couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t get any sleep feeling stretched out and pressed everywhere. 

This body pillow offered me some serious support and comfort so I was able to get some sleep. I used it more and more as my tummy began to grow and my breasts got more painful. 

This pillow really hugged my body and gave me the chance to get comfortable so I could get some sleep.

The way I used this pillow helped me to not only get better sleep but also feel like all my pressure points were tightly supported. I used it to separate my breasts from one another with the pillow in between. That offered the maximum support to each breast while also allowing me to hold the pillow in my hands comfortably. 

Then I used one end of it in between my knees for support. It helped extremely well to keep that knee pain at bay. Then because this pillow is C shaped, it really curved with my body and offered my back some serious stability and support. Not only that, but I could actually lean back onto it without losing any support and without feeling like I just created a new pain monster. 

It is extremely light weight when you are lying down so you don’t feel the pillow as a weight. You only feel the strong support of it. I felt like I was tucked into some firm clouds that hugged me all over. I never got any sores from it. 

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Stroller Haus

Motherhood Maternity Full Length Secret Fit Belly Leggings

best maternity leggings

These leggings have a nice fine glow to them so they look like they are made by a premier designer

These are the leggings that I used when I was pregnant. I loved how comfortable, stretchy and breathable they are. I still wear them, to be honest. They look stylish regardless of what shirt or shoes you wear. They also look great with dresses. 

The leggings have a nice fine glow to  them so they look like they are made by a premier designer. You can dress them up and dress them down. I loved wearing them with high heels in my early pregnancy days. 

These leggings are breathable, comfortable, stretchy and stylish

The tummy band really hugs your tummy and offers extra support. It is also soft and does not irritate your body. I never got any itchiness or discomforts from it. In addition, the tummy band is black so that you don’t look like you are wearing something weird. 

I really don’t like those tan colored tummy bands that promise to look like your skin color. In reality, they look really weird and their coloration is really off. When you raise your arms those tan tummy bands really catch the eye like a stop sign. 

Moreover, the weird tan colored tummy band makes people stare at your tummy because they’re trying to figure out what’s going on on with you. I don’t like to wear something that doesn’t look good. In my opinion, those tan colored tummy bands don’t look good. 

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HOFISH 3Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

These bras are actually pretty attractive. I hate ugly bras. I was really uncomfortable with the idea of getting a maternity bra because in my mind that just sounded like “sexy days over bra”. Well, I was wrong. 

These bras are beautiful and actually serve multiple purposes. While you are pregnant, they help support your growing and painful boobies. They are very gentle and soft, without any seams (like they advertise). They come in really nice colors so that you don’t feel like you are sacrificing on looks. 

Once your baby comes, you still can wear them and put them to use. They are perfect nursing bras. They open up easily with a clip on for you to nurse your baby. And they are, once again, seamless so that when milk comes in you won’t get any lumps that you otherwise would from a wire bra. 

This is definitely one of the best buys that will last you way longer than other bras. It also covers multiple needs so that you just buy it once and be done with it. 

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Jane and Bleecker Women's Two-Pack Slipper Plushfill Lined Socks Variety

best socks out there

My husband bought these for me when I was pregnant. I absolutely fell in love with these booties. They are super comfy, warm, fuzzy, beautiful and fun. I was pregnant in the winter and my feet were constantly cold no matter what temperature I set. 

They are also great because you can wash them in the washing machine and they don’t fall apart or lose color. I’ve been washing mine (I still wear them) and they look just as great as when I got them. 

They also have anti-slip gel grips on the soles so that you don’t have to worry about slipping. I can’t imagine not having these booties. They’re great and will last you a long time. 

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Dr. Motion 4-Pack Therapeutic Graduated Compression Knee High Socks

When your legs are swollen and hurting, these really help. My feet swelled up during pregnancy and I also got some restless leg syndrome that luckily went away after I delivered. These are perfect for tired, heavy feet. They are also not boring and are really comfortable.

You can style them up to come up with some really trendy looks. You can wear sweet little pregnancy shorts with them and still look like a young pea. I love how pregnancy does not have to stop you from looking and feeling trendy.

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Motherhood Maternity Jeans

I absolutely love these jeans. Not only are they super hot and sexy, but they are super comfortable and have that stretchy band where the pockets are located. You don’t have to worry about that unsightly tummy band that usually comes in a tasteless tan color.

These stretch with you as your tummy grows. If you want to look sexy and feel sexy without compromising on comfort for your growing tummy, these jeans is one of the best ways to go.

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Bhome Maternity Office Pants

pregnancy office pants

Many of us choose to or have to work during our pregnancies. While there are many options out there for the office, these Bhome maternity pants are some of the best out there. 

They look great. You’d never be able to tell they are maternity office pants just by looking at them. You can really dress them up and dress them down.

One of the best features about these pants is that they are really professional looking. The fabric is comfortable and you won’t get tired wearing them all day long. They are also breathable and stretchy so they will be great for most any seasons. 

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Motherhood Maternity Relaxed Fit Shorts

There is nothing better than the feeling of wearing sweet little shorts while you are pregnant. These come in black and other colors. I like the black ones the most. They are relaxed yet look super cute. You can dress them up or dress them down. Great price and will last you for other kids, too. 

Buy these shorts here

Belevation Women's Maternity Shapewear Mid-Thigh Pettipant

If you have an event to go to and need to look just perfect while you are pregnant, these are a lifesaver. They are extremely comfortable and offer great support if your tummy doesn’t look exactly perfect while pregnant. 

It does not press on the belly so you don’t have to worry about your baby being hurt. They really help to shape you up nicely. 

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Ekouaer Women's Maternity and Nursing Dress

maternity and nursing dress

If you like to buy something that will last you way past your pregnancy and into your nursing days, this is the dress for you. You’d never guess it by looking at it but you can lift up that waist part to discreetly feed your baby. 

This is an ingenious creation. Not only is it super cute and comfortable, but it is also extremely practical. It will last you even when you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding. It is just a cute dress to have. 

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PattyBoutik Mama Crewneck Crochet Lace Inset Ruched Sheath Dress

This dress is absolutely fabulous. I recommend the wine colored one, although all colors look really good in this combination. Still, there is something empowering about wine red formal dress. 

If you have an event to go to or if you just enjoy dressing up, this is the dress that will make you enjoy being pregnant. The best part is that you can also wear it when you are not pregnant. It is super comfortable and elegant. 

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Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Underwear

These are super cute and comfortable. They come in many variations and will be able to accommodate even most demanding fashion gurus. The best part is that you won’t be stretching your favorite pair now. Just set it aside. You will be able to wear it again after the baby comes.

These undies won’t make you feel like you gave up on your sexy lingerie forever. Just temporarily. 

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Tummy Butter Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

This tummy butter is one of the best out there. Not only does it really work, but it also helps to get your tummy to stop itching. I had a very itchy tummy when I was pregnant and this stuff saved me. 

This also helps to minimize already present stretch marks. For me, I used it to help me not get any new ones. The only downfall to this product is that it does not smell good. However, that is a small compromise to make for the results you get.

Buy it here

Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA Vitamins

These are the vitamins my obgyn recommended I use. There seems to be more research now that says DHA really helps with baby’s brain development. I still take these even though I am seven months post partum at the time I am writing this post. 

They come in a gel capsule that is very easy to swallow. The size is intimidating but somehow they just slide down easily. They also don’t have any flavor or smell to them which is nice. The color is a nice deep red. 

Ask your doctor about these. They seem to be the best on the market right now. Not all doctors will prescribe them. I actually had to specifically request them once I had to see a different doctor who prescribed other kinds that did not have DHA. 

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