Sexy Mommy Purse aka Diaper Bag – Found!

Sexy Mommy Purse aka Diaper Bag – Found! No more loathsome and depressing mommy bags ever again!

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If you have been looking for a sexy mommy purse, then your search is over

I absolutely loathe those mommy purses that loudly scream that your life is over, that you have no life inside of you left to be a woman. Nope, that is not my idea of what it means to be a mother. 

Luckily, I have found a purse that speaks all the good things you want in a mommy diaper bag: that your life is not over! I found a perfect, sexy, hot looking diaper bag that absolutely does not look like a mommy purse! Beware, you just might fall in love if you continue to read on. I know I did. 

Check out my YouTube Vlog review of this diaper bag HERE. *It is under Kate Begotten which is my beauty blog* but I have a separate playlist for my CookingWithButtPowder blog reviews there. 

The bag came in this protective bag which is great. I love perfect presentation and all the right details. This company does not disappoint. It also seems that the bag was designed by a woman for women. The bag says that the designer is a mother to a four year old boy. So glad she did this! Definitely a bag made by a mom for moms. 

Bonus: This diaper bag also easily becomes a backpack!

I found this diaper bag on Amazon, gave it a try and now absolutely am glad that I did! To check this purse out or to buy it, click HERE.

I also have a YouTube Channel where I reviewed this diaper bag. The vlog is under my beauty blog, Kate Begotten. 

This is the front of the bag. It has amazingly large compartments, a whole lot of them, FOUR thermal compartments to keep the baby food/drink either hot or cold. Two on the sides of the purse outside, and two on the inside. Backpack straps so you can easily turn it into a backpack. Two stroller straps. One large changing pad. Check the bottom of this post to view more details on this bag. It also has one year warranty. 

This bag has lots of different compartments. In addition, four thermal compartments to keep food hot or cold.

This is the back of the bag. As you can see on the bottom corners, there are the loops for making the purse into a backpack. The straps for the backpack are hidden inside, already sown together so that all you do is hook up the hooks onto the bottom loops to turn this bag into a backpack. It is actually quite a comfy backpack! I personally like it as a purse more, but there is the backpack option for those of you, gals, who like the backpack version more. 

There are a lot of compartments inside, as you can see. Very beautiful presentation, very charming and yet very practical. It is faux leather so you can wipe it easily if it gets dirty. Unlike a material diaper bag that if it gets dirty and you wash it looses all its appeal and becomes a rag ready for the trash can. 

It is beautiful and very practical. Made of faux leather it is not too expensive and yet easy to clean if gets dirty.

There is also this little guy here to attach your wallet or other valuables, if you like. Such amazing little details make this purse all the more appealing while also being extremely practical. 

I love how many options this purse offers. There are zipper pockets, there are round pockets, huge side pockets, main purse opening, and a whole lot more. I can organize this purse exactly so that I am no longer looking through it like it is a Hermione’s bag (lol, love my own puns). No more bottomless purses. Hello organization and order!

This purse also comes with a large changing pad. It matches in color the lining inside the bag. It is also made of a material that is easy to wipe. It is not cotton or some other kind of material that would absorb any liquid or powders. This makes it ideal for easy and fast clean up. It would be super easy to wipe off and keep any particles from sticking to it. 

My first diaper bag was cloth and had a matching cloth changing pad. It absorbed any powders and always looked dirty even after it was washed. It also smelled easy and quickly after just a couple of uses. This one won’t have this problem, if you have had similar problems as I have. 

The diaper bag also comes with a very large changing pad that is made of an easily wipable material that would not easily get dirty or easily absorb any liquid. Ideal changing pad!

I was filming this with one hand for my YouTube vlog review of this product (under Kate Begotten, which is my other blog name). It was easy to fold with one hand. That is great if you are like me and usually have your toddler/baby in one hand and have to figure out how to get things done with the other hand. 


UPDATE: I have to admit, I am starting to wear this bag as a backpack! it is so convenient and beautiful at the same time that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a backpack at all. For those of you who like the backpack ides, this picture above shows how it looks when worn as a backpack. I love it!

Beautiful handles and love, love, love the presentation! Absolutely one of my favorite and best motherhood products I have purchased so far! (And my baby is one year old now…)

Just another picture to show you how this purse looks. It is absolutely beautiful and practical! I love the combination of the two. Usually you either get something practical but ugly, or beautiful and completely useless. This product combines beauty and practicality into a perfect combination.

Check out my vlog review of this purse HERE

Click on the image below to check out this bag

Price: $49.99 USD

About the Product: 

  • Fabric & Metal: Outer – 100% Pu Leather, Inner – 100% Waterproof Nylon; Strap – Pu Leather – 18K Gold 
  • 12.5×6.5×13 Inches (L x W x H), Handle: 10.5 Inches, Adjustable Backpack Strap: 17 Inches ~32 Inches Adjustable Shoulder Strap: 28 Inches ~53 Inches
  • Large Capacity: It has 6 Outer Pockets (Including 2 Insulated pockets to keep your thing cold or warm) & 9 Inner Pockets (Including 2 Insulated Pockets) to keep your baby things well organized. 
  • Accessories: 1 washable Changing Pad, 2 Stroller Straps, and 1 Shoulder Strap. 
  • 1 Year Guarantee for ZIPPER, STRAP, ANY QUALITY ISSUE that affects your use of the product. 

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