Influenster Honest Mama Me Moments Bath Salts VoxBox Review

Here I review the Bath Salts for pregnancy baths that I received complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest review.

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This is the VoxBox that the product came in from Influenster. They always have nice packaging and colors. I love their VoxBoxes! 

Inside, there is the product that they would like me to review and the slip of paper about the product and the info on the VoxBox. They send these VoxBoxes for free to you in exchange for your honest review. I personally have had very good luck with these VoxBoxes. And now that Influenster knows I’m pregnant (with my second baby boy!) they’re sending me all kinds of maternity and baby product VoxBoxes *got 2 so far that I need to post on*

Front of the product slip that they’ve sent me to review. 

Back of the product slip that they sent me to review. This is also great because it introduces me to some really good products and companies that I have not had a chance to come across yet. 

Here is the front of the bath salts bag that I received. It is a decent size bag and will last me quite a while. I like that it is full size product so that I get some use out of it. I poured quite a bit of it into my tub and still have more than half of the bag left. So this stuff definitely comes in a decent package that won’t make you feel like you’be been ripped off for a handful of some bath salts like some other bath bombs or bath salts package sizes out there. 

I hope you guys can see the details written on the back. This is the back of the package. I don’t know if it’s because I am pregnant and enjoyed it so much, or if it really does have calming and soothing properties, but I really did enjoy it. It calmed me, gave me a sense of a “me time” that is specifically designed for my pregnant body and mind. 

I absolutely loved the fact that there was not much smell to this product. My nose is like a hound’s nose now and I can smell things even dogs can’t (or feels like it!). So the fact that this bath salt does not have any smell, or a very gentle mild one is a big bonus for me. It did not make me feel nauseous or saturated with some smell that I couldn’t rub or wash off of me. 

The crystals are white little ones that dissolve easily in the bathtub. I am pretty sure that they also made the water smoother and silkier. I felt as if they made the tub more slippery and the water more gentle. I really liked that. It was softer water and it caressed my tired skin more than just the tap water by itself. 

For the slippery tub, please use the tub mat. I can’t imagine living without tub mats, especially when pregnant and clumsy from the weight shifts and growing belly. But just to specify, it did not make the tub feel soapy or the water soapy. It felt like it made the water smoother and silkier. 

Here is one side of the package so you guys can see all that they promote with this product. There’s also link to their website there and info on the company. 

And the other side of the package. Definitely good marketing and really nice to have a product that is designed for expecting mothers. I personally recommend it if you are like me and are into nice bath soaks and bath salts. I loved this product and this definitely brought me much relaxation. Great VoxBox. Highly recommend this product. 

If you would like to give it a shot, here is the link where you can get it. 

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You can click on the image below to check it out, or on the product title above.

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